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We’ve been building this community with you, for you, Fvturists.
The place where we can reshape the future of the world, with better society and fairer alternatives. You have just taken a big step, let’s make this happen! Here, you can take a closer look at essentials and tips for our very first journey.
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Some videos that describe what we are up to:

Knowing what we are doing is important. Understanding why we are doing it is the key.


We want to see you from everywhere

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The best online profile

We are building this community, together. We want you to find value from the community, we want you to fully engage with all the opportunities coming to you, and we do our best to make this happen. Every one of your profiles is the face of the community showing what we have built. Please invest some time to create your mindful and professional profile, presenting your project and organisation, and things that matter to you.

We are sharing some useful tips on how to create the best profile. Just follow them step-by-step, you will already get it!

We’re here for more

Welcome to the movement to change the world!

As soon as you sign up on the platform, you will receive an email with a smart form. There are various ways in which you can contribute as a Fvturist leading this movement. If you want to take a bigger step, fill the form! The Fvtura team will get back to you to move forward, and give you access to collaboration tools and guidelines.

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Matchmaking tags

Go to ‘My Profile‘ and click the thumbnail of your profile photo on the upper-right corner. Then you will see all general settings including ‘Matchmaking Info‘. Now we’re talking! Take enough time to set what you are interested in, looking for and how you want to connect with other members. This algorithm will allow you to explore opportunities, projects, and people that you want to find the most. Our team is updating tags based on updated industries, technologies, and needs from the community.

#matchmaking #algorithm #tags #getconnectedwithpeople

Introduce yourself to the world

Even if you spent an hour to set your matchmaking tags, if you don’t have a proper profile, it might be difficult to get connected with other members.

Go to ‘Widgets Settings‘, there is everything you need to make a professional profile. We strongly recommend you to take a closer look at your ‘Biography‘, which is all about who you are, what’s important to you, and how you can add value to others.

#ownershipoftheplatform #mostmeaningfulprofile #entrepreneurs #nohiddenprofile

Your project is amazing

We’re often defined by what we do and what we pursue. Your project will do the same thing. Let the project show more than what you can say.

Explain about your project as detailed as you can, and specify what drives you to commit to this project for years or for your lifetime. If you need a more visible section for your project, utilise the ‘Portfolio‘ section to showcase using high-quality images. We strongly recommend you to update your project regularly, and if you can find a possibility for future collaborations, don’t hesitate to ping our team!

#impact-driven #project #innovation #socialimpact #amazingproject #projectshowcase

Be mindful

A mindful network of experts has been building this community, and we value every one of them. The Fvtura team is reviewing and checking all profiles in the platform, their activities, and keeping the platform safe and clean so that our members don’t need to worry about anything, only focus on what they want to achieve with us, creating values for the community and society.

Making a difference, creating a positive change is not an easy journey. We just start by signing up on the platform and building a profile. But at the end of the day, we will see the big difference and effect that this small movement has made.

#mindfulcommunity #networkofglobalexperts #positiveimpact #makeadifference


The core groups

You can join and create groups relevant to your project, industries, and interest. In the groups, you will be able to meet more specific people, learn certain topic-related knowledge, and get opportunities to join a project or organisations based on a country. These public groups are the ones that our members love the most. 

Fvtura ThinkTank – Italy Chapter

Join our Local and Virtual events to learn, share and be inspired by great industry experts

Next Billion Jobs - Project

Changing the way that jobs, ownership and wealth distribution are organised today

Fvtura Global Challenge

A global challenge for Fvturists and Entrepreneurs who want to shape a better future!

Virtual Incubation Of Impact Projects

Developing projects that aim to change and improve the lives of millions of people

Keep in mind, Fvturist!

We promise to do our best to keep this platform safe and meaningful for you. And we need your support. Here, some of the rules that we would like you to consider and keep. But it’s very simple. Just be respectful!

Engage with the community

You are the owners of this platform. We really want to learn and hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to fill a form to get access to all places and full features of the platform. Take a look around and if you see a place where you can add your voice and expertise to an existing conversation or if you want to start your own topic, please jump in! Our content curators and teams will post and share the most meaningful contents for you, waiting for you to take turns.

Genuine profile and activities

No spammer, no abuser is allowed in this community. If our team finds your profile strange or not transparent, we might restrict your activities and ask more information about you and your organisation. Also, posting on your wall to sell items or promote your service without enough information, commenting offensive messages, sharing inappropriate contents can be reported and checked by the content validation team.

Follow guidelines

We shared guidelines for certain activities such as posting, creating and managing groups, using forums, communication among members in the community, and more. Please take time to read pinned/shared guidelines and help us to maintain the community clean and accessible.

Impact-driven community

Fvtura is supporting startups and entrepreneurs that focus on creating impact and value for society over being profit- oriented. And our open-source frameworks and tools are ready to help them succeed. We wish you can also share the positive energy and the things that matter to all of us. Focus on value and impact that reshape our future!

Take an action!

There are a lot more you can try out from small missions to bigger and more difficult missions. We are sharing with you all the actions that you can take to make a difference, based on our Impact Metrics that we’ve been defining over the years. You can start right now, join our Discord server and find all actions!

Invite potential Fvturists

The benefit and positive impact of this growing community will return to all of us and our society. When we experience something good and meaningful, we tend to share with our close friends and the people that we care about. If you think that we are doing right things, share with people around you using your own referral link!


Want to move forward with us?

Do you want to be a part of active roles in the community and Fvtura ecosystem? We’d always love to collaborate with you! Here, we have open roles from the community. If you want to explore more roles feel free to check #open roles and apply now by filling a form!


Lead your own impact project. With or without an idea, what really matters is the commitment to develop an impactful project and to lead a team of Fvturists towards success.


Each project member will play an essential role to make ideas become true, impactful projects. Usually, project members have side-jobs until the projects are financially self-sustaining. Often senior members become co-project leaders.


To support the leaders and the Fvturists behind impact projects. Everyone needs suggestions, encouragement, and suggestions from people who are more experienced and have been through similar experiences before.


An enthusiastic Fvturist that wants to build and grow a local community of industry experts, projects, investors. Leading meaningful events (like workshops, hackathons, summits, demo-days) or organizing exciting activities.


The main objective of this role is to find key people and talents to grow the ecosystem. This is a crucial and delicate role, as it’s the first line of contact with Fvtura and the world out there.