Here4more & Fvtura

support a socio-economic movement, that includes social aspects, like policies, education, decision making, community, and powerful economic elements, as wealth distribution mechanisms, new ownership and employment models and other key components to inspire a societal shift for the better.
Changing the system through innovation, forming:
projects for humanity

Fvtura is developing and supporting projects for the betterment of our society and environment while creating a better future through innovation, projects, technologies that are solving key problems in our society.

To define impact, we have developed a system to focus on and track what problems these projects are solving while measuring and avoiding potential negative influences as collateral effects.

Introducing the C.H.E. Impact Measurement System and the Fvtura’s 80+ Global Missions.

 C.H.E is the acronym of:



We believe that any project, company or organization on this planet should measure its impact, at least over these 3 categories, and not having negative measurements for any of them.

Within the C.H.E., we have identified 80+ sub-categories, to take focused actions and develop targeted solutions for a better world.


WIth the #HERE4MORE movement we are concentrating on 4 Clusters of projects, the pillars of our modern society and the roots of some of the major global issues. Those shafts that when changed from the bottom-up will shape a better future for our civilization:


(leaving industrial models for better, tailored, mindfull and empowering education models) Including:

  • Modular education systems
  • Introduction of new topics (including Mindfulness, Awareness, Empathy, Sustainability, Compassion, Critical Thinking, Collaboration)
  • Life-long education, upskilling and peer to peer models 
  • AI-Powered, personalized learning programs
  • Global access to education, through technologies, policies, activities and more.

Disruptive Economic Models

(substituting capitalism for fairer, collaborative, fast-growing models). Including:

  • Building global, parallel, distributed economies.
  • New models of employment, ownership and wealth distribution.
  • Create better economic mechanisms for rewards, accumulation, and inheritance.
  • Distributed ownership, housing, and universal basic incomes
  • Financial Inclusion and accessibility to service, goods and needs
  • Fvtura Large DIstributed Corporation Model

Decision Making, Voting, and Collective Intelligence


  • Avant-garde decision-making systems for projects and large organizations
  • Refined, organized, informed voting systems for organizations, movements, and more.
  • Distributed Knowledge And Collective intelligence systems
  • Distributed Decision-making mechanisms, information technologies, big data analysis
  • Voting weights, post-evaluations, AI modeling, predictive modeling and scoring
  • Decision assignments, measuring, tracking, validating outcomes

Impact-Driven Innovation


  1. Processes and systems to empower the new wave of projects and technologies for the betterment of humanity.
  2. Forming new, shared, collaborative, open-source and distributed models for projects, co-operatives, and organizations.
  3. Support C.H.E. Driven technologies and solutions.
  4. Decentralized teams, shared labs, facilities, factories, to produce open and collaborative innovation.
  5. Setting up industry-specific accelerators (including Agritech, Food Tech, Sustainability, Renewable Energy, Ai and Robotics).
  6. Forming an independent community of industry experts, to join and support an uprising of ground-breaking projects globally.

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