Open roles in the Fvtura Ecosystem


    Startups and companies that would like to join the ecosystem, for support, cross-collaborations, team up or raising funds.

    Roles related to the Fvtura ecosystem, like country Ambassadors, PR Managers or Division Leaders, and those roles that are supporting multiple projects like Industry Experts and Mentors.

    To be a part, hands-on on the projects/startups/companies that are shaping a better world.

    For individuals or organizations that want to partner up with Fvtura for various collaborations (events, media, projects, investments and more).

    For individual or institutional investors (Angels, Incubators, VCs, Funds, Philanthropists).

    For professionals that want to sell or trade pro services with other members, companies, organizations in the ecosystem.


To support the leaders and the changemakers behind impact projects. Everyone needs suggestions, encouragement, and suggestions from people who are more experienced and have been through similar experiences before. Differently from an advisor, a mentor has more of an empathetic role, interacting more with the individuals, rather than the project itself or the technologies. It can help founders to maintain focus and strength, keeping them on track if they fall over, as well as boosting motivation or spreading some courage. It’s a crucial role, and we’ll make the difference over people’s lives aside from the projects.

Time commitment: 1 -2 hours per week.
Type of rewards: Projects shares, FVTL

To support impact projects with your knowledge and expertise. This is a crucial role that doesn’t necessarily take too much time. When it comes to advising, it is quality over quantity and your experience is of absolute importance for industry-specific projects.

It’s hard to measure industry experience, but a rough range of parameters to define it could be:

  • Years of industry experience
  • Special Achievements in the industry (certifications, awards, projects, current occupation, books, publications, etc.)
  • Forms of track-record

Time Commitment: 1 hour per week
Type of rewards: Projects Shares, FVTL

Working closely with the Scouts, the business developer can take the contacts, from the scouts and go a lever deeper with the relations, partnerships or collaborations. This role would be key to manage and keep involved, updated partners, investors, and institutions. While also creating new, curated opportunities within the ecosystem.

Every great community has great moderators and ambassadors that can inspire, engage and create value for the community itself. With more people accessing the internet, we can create meaningful and productive activities that can be done online, remotely, including webinars, live streamings and entertaining activities. The virtual ambassador can also help/organize online collaborative activities, such as those with influencers, contents creators, and other virtual events.

An enthusiastic changemaker that wants to build and grow a local community of industry experts, projects, investors. Leading meaningful events (like workshops, hackathons, summits, demo-days) or organizing exciting activities (like teams experiences, challenges, talks, movies and more). A senior ambassador could be coordinating all the events of a country. Co-hosting events with institutions and governments, fundraising campaigns and other high-level forms of partnerships.  

Time commitment: 2 – 4 hours per week
Type of rewards: Revenues from clients/projects, fees from memberships and fundraising Fvtura shares.


A professional expert that would help to be sure that projects are also financially sustainable. As each member and investor will be relying on projects, it is important to do everything that we can to make sure that projects have the right resources, strategies to grow and succeed. This role will also be helping entrepreneurs to raise capital, with the right business plans and financial plans.

Develop business proposals, revenue models, financial models for our projects
• Manage our fundraising process on crowdfunding platforms
• Develop strategies for fundraising
• Answer financial inquiries and manage the relationships with investors
The role could be remote and on a freelance, project-based basis.
• Strong record of business analysis experience
• Experience developing business proposals
• Experience developing financial projections and revenue models
• Excellent written and spoken English
• Excellent communication skills
• Highly driven and motivated to make a difference in society

Take charge of one of the Fvtura’s Impact divisions. Help leading revolutionary projects for new economic models, decision-making systems, voting, while experimenting with collective intelligence tools and many other innovative elements of the ecosystem, to lead the change and ultimately develop and deploy better models of societies.

Knowledge is the most important component of our civilization. Educators have the role to share knowledge in a professional, clear, constructive and committed way. It’s a very important responsibility which will make a difference in people’s lives, directly and indirectly. To take on this role means to have passion or deep knowledge over a specific topic, and the will to share that experience with learners. Fvtura is investing focus and resources towards creating better education systems and together with your experience we can create a future where more people will have access to quality education and more unbiased knowledge, through online platforms and in-loco academies. 

Time commitment: depending on courses. Starting from 1 – 2 hours per week. 
Type of rewards: Revenues from the education platform/academy, plus Fvtura shares.

Bring Fvtura to your city. Launch your local branch of the Incubator, or create Impact forums and events through the ThinkTank. Gather experts, projects, investors with a key role in bringing changes to the world. You will be supported by the community and our team members, to develop your own chapter of this journey, with access to frameworks, tools, themes and other resources. Some of the Fvtura senior members would help to get up to speed, with experience, frameworks, and, we can also come to your city to support the setup of a new incubator, or to join impact events.

Supported by the matching algorithms and advance search systems in the platform, the connectors will facilitate connections among members, projects, opportunities. Playing an innovative and very important role, creating the spark and matching the synergies within the growing community..

To build global awareness and outreach is important to have an online and offline presence. As well as having an image that truly represents the impact that we are making. From press releases to media partnerships and collaborations. The Public Relationship Manager will help to build the narrative and the communication that will inspire future generations of Changemakers

We’re looking for a mindful expert to support our ecosystem by finding the most suitable people for our missions. This role would require the ability to search and build a list to contact, to write proper emails/media contents based on each person you reach out, and to manage the relationship to let people engage. Anyone who is interested in the description below can apply, we are open to experience different ways to try out as long as you are enthusiastic about this role!

> Targets:
The main objective of this role is to find key people and talents to grow the ecosystem. Is a crucial and delicate role, as it’s the first line of contact with our organisation and the world out there.

> The importance of this role:
Having great minds working together to solve global issues is essential for the success of this movement and the ecosystem And the Scout is the one that can make that happen, finding great people that can join Fvtura and the Here4more movement.

This a crucial role, to maintain a fair and distributed ecosystem. One of the organizational prototypes that we are testing is a system to run companies, organizations and even societies without a central power, but rather a distributed system, based on simple, fair and evolving rules. In this system, the validators are those who verify transactions and interactions between projects, members, tasks and other synergies within the ecosystem, with the mission to keep the system as transparent and as fair as possible. 

This role is for the members and contributors that have joined the ecosystem, with great results and contribution, with the necessary commitment and professionalism to now validate new members. 


Creating impact requires precise knowledge and understanding over problems and solutions, especially when specific technologies or strategies are involved as part of the solution. 

The Advisor oversees the projects with his industry knowledge and expertise, to bring projects closer to success, while avoiding crucial mistakes, supporting strategy and planning, helping to focus energies and resources where it’s more important. This role is key, particularly when the project is going through a rapid growth phase. 

Time commitment: 1 -2 hours per week.
Type of rewards: Project shares, FVTL

A role that comes with commitment and responsibility. Typically a board member would start as an advisor, then taking a more important role in the decision making of the project. It brings trust over the project stability but it comes with a higher involvement. Making informed decisions requires deeper knowledge and understanding of the project status and even awareness over daily the project’s operations and challenges. 

Time commitment: 2 – 4 hours per week at least.
Type of standard rewards: Project Shares.

Lead your own impact project. With or without an idea, what really matters is the commitment to develop an impactful project and to lead a team of changemakers towards success. You will be fully supported by Fvtura and its whole community, to deal with every challenge as a large family. We are all aligned with the same mission, to shape a better future. This role would also receive strong support from the senior members of the ecosystem and will be kept involved in workshops, webinars, methodologies and latest updates, to gain unique knowledge and experience over project leadership, including direct access to industry experts and community decision-making tools. We’ll do everything we can to empower and support the members and the leaders of the future.

The average commitment in time should be above 20 hours a week.

As the project leader, each project member will play an essential role to make ideas become true, impactful projects. Usually, project members have side-jobs until the projects are financially self-sustaining. Often senior members become co-project leaders, growing up with experience and knowledge over specific domains. 

The average commitment in time should be above 7 hours a week.

It’s a busy world today, but sometimes with just a little time, we can make a big difference. There are multiple ways on how you can support projects with limited time, for example, you can become an external advisor, sharing knowledge or experience with fellow changemakers. It is also helpful to share on social media what your favorite projects are doing, so to create more awareness about important causes. If you have access to resources, you might also support projects by investing in them, or buying some of their products from the marketplace.

Sometimes it could be sharing knowledge, tools, resources, or connecting the right people to the projects. Is a role that doesn’t require a specific commitment, but that can support projects where it is more necessary and effective. 

As a WordPress Developer, you will be working closely with the design and production teams to help build attractive, effective and responsive/user-friendly websites and digital tools.

Key Skills:

  • Industry experience of building WordPress sites from scratch with a solid understanding of core WordPress functions.
  • Experience in picking up WordPress projects from other teams that may not be in the best condition and being able to resolve issues and determine how to bring them in line with the new requirements.
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, basic JavaScript.
  • Working knowledge and confidence with PHP.
  • Excellent team player

This will suit a talented Web Developer with strong WordPress skills looking for a new challenge by joining a fantastic organization where there is a friendly atmosphere and plenty of opportunities to progress and learn.

A fundamental role in every project. A motivated, self-managed project member/leader that can help the team to structure and manage milestones, tasks, internal communications, deadlines and collaboration tools. It is important for this role to have good planning/follow up and team management experience.


An angel investor is usually a high net worth individual who provides financial backing for small startups or entrepreneurs. Often, angel investors are found among an entrepreneur’s family and friends. The funds that angel investors provide may be a one-time investment to help the business get off the ground or an ongoing injection to support and carry the company through its difficult early stages.

Time commitment: no time commitment required.
Resources Commitment: Depending on the project stage
Type of rewards: Revenues from clients/projects, Fvtura shares.

Support projects with funding, resources, and connections. Small or big, your support can make a difference by giving access to resources, speed up the growth, and increase the financial capabilities of great projects, pushing them closer to success. Invest into the future, by investing in the people who are shaping it. Check the various projects that are raising capital. We’ll also help you match with the opportunities/projects/industries that you are looking to take part into. You can tell us what you are looking for here or take a look at the projects portfolio here

An Investment Firm with a Media Focus, to support projects that are media-oriented, or with technologies that can benefit the media industry.

– For Movies/Series/Documentary Producer
– Video/Media Channels
– Broadcasting systems

That can help projects raising capital, or getting connected with the end-users or investors. Some of the platforms that Fvtura could partner with are:

> Crowdfunding platform
> Angel Networks
> Crowd-Loans / Micro-financing Platforms
> Fundraising Services
> Philanthropists networks

Companies that can support the growth of the amazing, impactful projects coming out from the incubation programs, or that are supported by the ecosystem. Some of the main Institutional investors currently involved in the ecosystem are: 

(Seed stage to Series B)

> VC

> Fund

> Private Equity Firm
> Incubator
> Investment Group
> Investment Bank
> Family Office

Be part of the change, help projects, dedicate resources for what matters and generate sustainable returns, while doing good.


  • Incubators, Accelerators, for joined programs
  • Supplier (technologies, products, services,etc)
  • Clientele (clients, deals, contacts)
  • Sponsor (for events, media and online contents)
  • Distributor (services, whitelabels, exclusivities, etc)
  • Reseller (products, services, etc)
  • Media Collaborations (join media contents and PR)
  • Joint Venture (forming new projects and divisions with combined resources)
  • Strategic collaborations over new markets/projects
  • Contents collaborations (Academy, Education, Incubation)
  • Investment Partner (co-investing in projects and initiatives, or launching funds and SPVs)
  • Impact Makers (combining resources over a specific mission / cause)

A company that is willing to sponsor some of the projects or events from the ecosystem (demo Day, Mini-Series, ThinkTank etc.) Aside from helping events and media coming through, with a great impact over awareness, the sponsor can also associate its brand/image with causes that truly reflects its efforts in making the world a better place. Documentaries, short movies, summits. All of this can be possible thanks to the amazing support of the sponsors. Let’s help each other to bring the message forward!

Introductions to governments, to build projects, businesses and other opportunities with states and countries.

Projects Introducer:
A person or company (University, Incubator) that can introduce projects to the ecosystem.

Members Introducer:
A person or company (jobs portal, HR, university) that can introduce possible members to the ecosystem.

Investors Introducer:
A person or company (Agents, Wealth Managers, Brokers) that can introduce possible Investors to the ecosystem.

Opportunities Introducer:
A person or company that can share possible opportunities (grants, competitions, deals with companies or governments) to some of the projects in the ecosystem.


This role is more business-oriented, offering professional services on an on-demand basis, which is often connected to workshops for SME, digital transformation, or impact innovation activities. Where there are clients that need certain training over specific matters. 

Usually, the clients pay certain fees for specific solutions. These fees are shared among the service providers and Fvtura (Fvtura will then re-invest those revenues into impact projects, infrastructure, and ecosystem).

Time commitment: depending on projects/clients. 
Type of rewards: Revenues from clients/projects, education platform, and academy, plus Fvtura shares.

Similar to trainers/coaches, but this role is more business-oriented, offering professional services on a project-demand base. Often connected to workshops for SME, digital transformation, or impact innovation activities. Where there are clients, needing certain training over specific matters. 

Usually, clients pay certain fees for specific solutions. These fees are shared among the service provider and Fvtura (Fvtura will then re-invest those revenues into impact projects, infrastructure, and ecosystem).

Time commitment: depending on projects/clients.
Type of rewards: Revenues from clients/projects, Fvtura shares.

Professionals that can take on specific projects on a freelance basis, with little or no shares. The platform would be the main recommendation, but also projects from the virtual incubator could positively utilize such professional services. Come onboard and work on some amazing projects!


Projects that we can help with services, investments, donations or from which we can buy, share, services or opportunities.

Projects that want to pivot, developing impact divisions or want to be supported, willing to share projects, shares or direction with the ecosystem.


Check here how do we structure distributed organizations.

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