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About me

Giannandrea Giammanco

Changing the world through innovation and impact driven investments.

10 Years of experience in finance and asset management. I’ve lived in different countries, understanding markets and economies.

Few years ago, after retiring from my financial job, I’ve decided to dedicate my full time to positive impact projects, and, starting to shape a better society. Currently, with Fvtura, we are on a mission to find Changemakers.

Who is a changemaker?

In our words, changemakers are the next generation of entrepreneurs. Those that are prioritizing value over profits, that see the economic returns as just one of the rewards for creating value for the end-users or society.

The world needs changemakers.

That can see the long term impact of problems-solutions investing their time and efforts at improving other people’s lives making the best use of technologies, tools, and knowledge to create meaningful solutions. Those are the people that will shape tomorrow’s society.

A fundamental part of our mission is to find, connect and empower Changemakers with the best tools, experience, developing together new projects, solutions.

While also channeling the support of a growing community.

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