In our words, changemakers are the next generation of entrepreneurs. Those that are prioritizing value over profits, that sees the economic returns as just one of the rewards for creating value for the end users or society.


That can see the long term impact of problems-solutions investing their time and efforts at improving other people lives making the best use of technologies, tools, and knowledge to create meaningful solutions.

Those are the people that will shape tomorrow’s society.

A fundamental part of our mission is to find, connect and empower Changemakers with the best tools, experience, developing together new projects, solutions.

While also channeling the support of a growing community.

Ready for a new, exciting journey?

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  • Ongoing projects that are looking for capitals/resources/team members
  • New projects looking for team members and support
  • Individuals that want to join a project part time or full time.
  • Mentors that want to advice projects
  • Investors that want to support projects
  • Supporters and projects fan
  • Students/Entrepreneurs that want to learn how to launch/structure/build a project (online and offline)
  • Professional Service Providers (Freelancers, Companies)
  • Members of the local Think Tanks (Singapore)
  • Events or Media Sponsors



  1. Good Individual Health
  2. Affordable Healthcare
  3. Transparent Medical Research
  4. More attention on Global Health Risks
  5. Improve Child Care
  6. Improve Elderly Care
  7. Improve Food Diet Quality
  8. Improve Water Treatments (Desalination Filtering, Waste-water)
  9. Improve Food Chain Transparency
  10. Reduce Waterborne Diseases (Technologies, Education, Infrastructures)
  11. Reduce Pesticides, Antibiotic, Toxic Chemicals on Food
  12. Reduce Organ Thefts


  1. Improve Vocational Skills Education
  2. Improve Childhood development
  3. Improve Education Quality
  4. Improve Freedom of Knowledge
  5. Improve/Develop educational infrastructure (schools, campuses, orphanages)
  6. Expand Access to Education for All
  7. Find/Train Qualified Professionals

Urban Development

  1. Improve Public Transports (Quality, Efficiency, Cost, Environmental impact)
  2. Improve Urban Planning, Development
  3. Improve Logistic (Quality, Efficiency, Cost, Environmental impact)
  4. Improve Commuting Issues
  5. Increase Open Spaces and Nature in Urban Contexts
  6. Increase Infrastructure’s Efficiency
  7. Increase Sustainable Spaces (Houses, Buildings, Campuses, Cities)
  8. Improve Sustainable Tourism

Technological Advancement

  1. Develop New, Open Technologies
  2. Improve Access to Open AI, Robotics, Automation
  3. Reduce Patents Policies Impact
  4. Access on Open Industrial Innovation
  5. Increase Shared Facilities (Labs)


  1. Improve Value Driven Policies
  2. Improve Human Rights
  3. Improve Current Decision Making Systems
  4. Reduce Slavery
  5. Reduce Modern Slavery
  6. Improve Global Citizenship Rights
  7. Restructure Inheritance Policies
  8. Reduce Inequalities
  9. Improve Peace and Justice
  10. Improve Distributed Ownership (Real estate, Corporations, Primary Services)
  11. Improve Fair International Agreements

Wealth Distribution 

  1. Reduce Poverty and Wealth Inequalities
  2. Improve Fair Wages and Salaries Distribution
  3. Create and Boost new “Value Driven Economies”
  4. Cut Transaction Costs (Gateways, Middleman, Exchanges Rates)
  5. Improve Distributed, Fair, Financial Solutions (Credit, Banking, Payments, Exchanges)
  6. Improve Startups and Innovation Funding Structures
  7. Prototype Better Financial Systems (Experimental)
  8. New Jobs Opportunities (Create, Train, Improve)
  9. Reduce homelessness, Improve Affordable Housing
  10. Reduce Global Food Wastage
  11. Reduce Bribery Impact
  12. Reduce Malnutrition, Towards Zero Hunger
  13. Launch and Improve Sustainable Communities


  1. Improve Individual Happiness
  2. Improve Happiness Indexes and Measurements
  3. Improve Individual Mental Health
  4. Improve Living Quality and Solutions
  5. Improve Community Integration
  6. Improve Collaboration
  7. Reduce Disengagement


Resources and Energy

  1. Reduce Exhaustion of resources
  2. Reduce Deforestation
  3. Boost Renewable Energies Applications
  4. Develop and Improve Reusable Items
  5. Improve Environmental Awareness
  6. Boost Energy Innovation (Campuses, Labs, Funds, Collaborative Researches)

Nature, Ecosystems, Environment

  1. Mitigate Humans Impact on Global Warming
  2. Mitigate Humans Impact on Natural Ecosystems (Above and Under Water)
  3. Reduce Over-fishing
  4. Reduce Poaching
  5. Reduce Water Pollution
  6. Reduce Air Pollution
  7. Reduce Soil Pollution
  8. Reduce Packaging, Plastic Impact on the Environment


  1. Improve Responsible, Sustainable Food Production and Consumption
  2. Improve Seeds Preservation
  3. Improve Water Harvesting, Filtering Solutions
  4. Improve Agricultural Technologies and Productivity
  5. Improve Food Chains (Transparency, Fairness, Reduce Inefficiency and Passages)