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Fvtura Virtual Incubator

We are building a technology-driven movement. Our mission is to improve the world through impactful technologies and innovations, and as part of the large ecosystem of Fvtura, our goal is to prepare, support and launch Projects for Humanity.

Developing ideas and businesses that aim to change and improve the lives of millions of people, increasing living quality, access to goods, services, and opportunities, and improving our civilization overall, which of course include projects related to sustainability, consumption of resources and environmental impact.

Check some of the missions of our ecosystem


Why is this innovative?

A Launchpad for Global Innovation

Instagram did not return a 200.

A virtual and physical place to gather talents, experts, leaders and investors with the common goal of launching amazing ideas.

How do we support projects?

These are some of the ways that we support projects within our ecosystem:


Guided workshops, conducted by industry experts. To deeply understand problems and solutions, and to come up with disruptive products and services. The first and most important step.

Strategic Planning

Strong preparation. Getting ready to bring projects from a garage to the world. To do the right things, and to do things right. To truly understand the business model, product, MVP, POC, and other key elements that will be assembled into an amazing project.


From investors to team members and partners. Collaboration is the key ingredient for success. You can leverage on our network of thousands of members, to find the right people for your project. Signup here and take a look. Our team will be there to introduce you to potential partners, members, clients, and investors.


The Virtual Incubator is a part of the larger Fvtura ecosystem, an internationally distributed organization with the sole goal of improving humanity. Join the community at Fvtura.com and learn more about the #HERE4MORE movement.


One of the most challenging phases of building a project is to raise capital. It involves building trust, fulfilling demanding criteria, handling a network of potential investors, creating exhaustive decks and business models. But we have you covered. Our team members have been developing projects for over 10 years. And thanks to our network and direct connections with professional investors, we are able to match you with the right investors to create more opportunities and trust with networking events and demo days.

Furthermore, we’ll guide you through the tedious process of document preparation. Getting the documents right is the first step towards successful fundraising.


It is no secret among professional investors that good execution is as critical as having a great idea. It’s not only about getting things done in the most effective way but it is also about building solutions in a scalable way, foreseeing growth and challenges that can arise in the future, prototyping and assembling products and solutions that work well. We have been through this with our direct experience. This is also one of the elements that gives more trust to our investors, knowing that the startups that we work with are directly supported by our professional team members and by our community, including industry experts at fvtura.com and professional service providers from nextbillionjobs.com.

Experts Pool

One of our added value is the experts pool that we have been building for the past years through tens of topic-specific events, webinars, and workshops. With the goal of gathering leading industry experts who want to join and support disrupting projects. You can explore our community (experts directory) to search for relevant skills, keywords, and tags. We are testing a search engine (beta available) with the purpose of empowering meaningful connections among people, leveraging on smart algorithms to find connections among thousands of individuals.
Moreover, if you have limited resources, you can also check out our Circular Economy System, to have access to skills and expertise, while also sharing knowledge and skills with fellow changemakers.


For an investor, the startups and tech world represents a challenging environment. We have invested in startups, and we keep investing directly in any project that we support. We know the risks, but we also know the mathematics behind it. Successful companies all have common patterns and traits, and so do the failing ones. Mistakes can be done earlier, faster; and risks can be understood, predicted, mitigated or eliminated with the right experience, transformed into process and methods. We are aligned in the same direction towards impact and success for our projects and investments. For that, all the projects that we launch have both solid financial models and strong measurable impact outcomes. This is what we call Impact Investing.


“ Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.”
If we have shared about preparation before, this is the part where we create the opportunity through networking events, demo days, speed pitching, in multiple locations, to match ideas with resources. We’re also shaping up a new generation of entrepreneurs with workshops, and incubation programs to polish and refine pitching, deck preparation and presentation skills. We do everything we can to empower entrepreneurs with the best opportunities to grow, share and succeed. Take a look at our think-tank, events and our meetup community.

Changing the world is all about coming together and creating better alternatives and technologies, as solutions to current problems. Walking together towards the right direction. Yes, it’s that simple.

How about revenues?

A common question is: “Can I make a living working on impact projects?”

As a basic answer, yes. Only few people can afford to dedicate 100% of their efforts without having to worry about bills, rentals and daily expenses. Therefore we structure projects in a way that can also generate revenues for the people involved in it, making it both socially and financially sustainable. 

Value first.

In contrast to many businesses where they have to first create a need, with strong and expensive marketing campaigns, to then sell the solution, our projects’ approach is different.

We start from the problem: the users’ pain, and then we reverse engineer to find the most effective solution. Find out more about what jumpstarts our projects.

We take pride in launching only projects with an impactful mission, strong commitment, integrity, and purpose. Join our community and events if you believe in creating better future through innovation.

Meet Us or Join remotely

Come and visit us in some of the cities where we are operating or organizing events and incubation programs, such as Singapore, Ho Chi Minh, Taipei, Shanghai, Seoul and (soon) multiple European cities.