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Fvtura is launching the #here4more movement

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We are designing the largest and most impactful socio-economic revolution that our civilization has ever seen. Gathering millions of individuals to shape a better future and improve societies from the bottom-up. Utilizing the capacity of the internet, to empower individuals from across the planet, with the tools, the knowledge, and the collective power to fight for a better future.

To change broken economies, dysfunctional systems, unfair wealth distribution, obsolete education, unfairness, and injustice. To stand together, to identify and solve the interconnected problems that are affecting our societies and our life today, aiming for the roots.

We are calling for the whole world to join.

Making History

We believe that we now have the technologies and capabilities to start a new era for humanity. The era of collaboration, the era of Collective Intelligence. From distributed decision making to launching mass-owned corporations. To break the economic systems that are squeezing out every drop of resources, from us, fellow humans and from the environment. To promote collaboration over competition, defining global goals that can align humankind’s interests, from every corner of the planet.

#HERE4MORE is about changing the old system without fighting it, but rather by creating a better one. 

The most ambitious project of our community, and the most necessary.

We are inviting you to join this movement with little or strong commitment to
start making a difference


Rebuilding pillars for a better society

WIth the #HERE4MORE movement we are concentrating on 4 Clusters, the pillars of our modern society and the roots of some of the major global issues. 

Those shafts that when changed from the bottom-up will shape a better future for our civilization.