the 2020 fvtura global challenge

Global Video Challenge

topic of this year

Old and New Economic Models

Videos are probably the most powerful tools to share concepts, ideas, and to build awareness with millions of people.
The goal of the 2020 Fvtura Video Global Challenge is to share stories about

” Old and New Economic Models. “

What is wrong with the current financial system?
With the way that wealth is distributed, with the reasons behind people and resources exploitation or with environmental devastation.

What can we do better?

What economic models could we create that would make people collaborate towards a common, constructive future?

Be part of this challenge that wants to shape a better future,
help telling stories that can fuel a new, young, disruptive movement.

how to

5 Steps to Take an Action

1. Sign Up

Sign up with a form and participate in the 2020 Global Video Challenge! You will receive detailed information about the process by email as soon as your form is reviewed.

2. Join a Group

Join a group of the Global Video Challenge and meet mindful video makers out there! Share your updates, what makes you inspire, and what matters to you.

3. Share Your Progress

Share your progress of work or the thinking process until the announcement of the winner and get a higher chance to be shortlisted!

4. Submit Final Work

Submit your final work by sharing on your social media with @Fvtura tagged and post on your Wall on the Fvtura platform by 20th of December.

5. Get shortlisted!

The winners of the 2020 Fvtura Global Video Challenge will be announced on 21st December 2020!
Create an impact on society with your creativity.
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