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Proud to announce

The #HERE4MORE Global Impact Challenge for 2020.

A global challenge for Changemakers and Entrepreneurs who want to shape a better future for this world. Join forces with mentors and members from across the globe to to learn, build and launch the projects that will make history.

An occasion to understand and develop solutions for some of the most challenging issues, to improve the life of millions, and to be part of a new movement to change the world.

A program where people come together to analyze the problems faced by the society, deep-dive into the roots of the problems, brainstorm ideas that solve the problems bottom-up, and develop projects that can change the world for the better.

An occasion where talents, experts, investors, and companies come together to form new, innovative projects in a hyper-engaging environment, with the goal of ideating and developing impactful concepts, that can become the next civilization-changing companies.



An amazing opportunity to learn, create, launch and make an impact.

Every confirmed member will have full access to workshops and webinars to develop and sharpen new skills, to get ready for the challenge including topics like:

Lean Startup Development

Design Thinking

Business Plan and Financial Modelling

How to measure and maximise positive impact

Fundraising, Crowdfunding and other ways to get access to resources

Find amazing co-founders through the Fvtura Global Network

Investors, Mentors, Advisors, and Partners. Get connected with the people that you are looking for to jumpstart this new challenge. Connect online and offline with a network of key people who are aligned with your vision. To build, launch, support your impact project.

Objective of the challenges


Solving issues on 2 Of the 4 Impact clusters of the HERE4MORE Movement (read more) will be chosen by the jury, to be the main themes of this year’s challenge.


WIth the #HERE4MORE movement we are concentrating on 4 Clusters of projects, the pillars of our modern society and the roots of some of the major global issues. Those shafts that when changed from the bottom-up will shape a better future for our civilization:


(leaving industrial models for better, tailored, mindfull and empowering education models)


  • Modular education systems
  • Introduction of new topics (including Mindfulness, Awareness, Empathy, Sustainability, Compassion, Critical Thinking, Collaboration)
  • Life-long education, upskilling and peer to peer models 
  • AI-Powered, personalized learning programs
  • Global access to education, through technologies, policies, activities and more.

Economic Models

(substituting capitalism for fairer, collaborative, fast-growing models).


  • Building global, parallel, distributed economies.
  • New models of employment, ownership and wealth distribution.
  • Create better economic mechanisms for rewards, accumulation, and inheritance.
  • Distributed ownership, housing, and universal basic incomes
  • Financial Inclusion and accessibility to service, goods and needs
  • Fvtura Large DIstributed Corporation Model

Decision Making, Voting and Collective Intelligence


  • Avant-garde decision-making systems for projects and large organizations
  • Refined, organized, informed voting systems for organizations, movements, and more.
  • Distributed Knowledge And Collective intelligence systems
  • Distributed Decision-making mechanisms, information technologies, big data analysis
  • Voting weights, post-evaluations, AI modeling, predictive modeling and scoring
  • Decision assignments, measuring, tracking, validating outcomes

Impact-Driven Innovation


  1. Processes and systems to empower the new wave of projects and technologies for the betterment of humanity.
  2. Forming new, shared, collaborative, open-source and distributed models for projects, co-operatives, and organizations.
  3. Support C.H.E. Driven technologies and solutions.
  4. Decentralized teams, shared labs, facilities, factories, to produce open and collaborative innovation.
  5. Setting up industry-specific accelerators (including Agritech, Food Tech, Sustainability, Renewable Energy, Ai and Robotics).
  6. Forming an independent community of industry experts, to join and support an uprising of ground-breaking projects globally.

Multiple Awards

The winning team will

Receive 5000$ to develop and launch their project utilizing resources from the Fvtura Ecosystem and NextBillionJobs.

Receive 10.000 FVTL (Fvtura Time Credits) to use in the ecosystem.


The 10 most impactful projects will participate in the demo day in Singapore or Tuscany (depending on Covid-19) in July 2021.


The 20 most impactful projects will be shared among the network of angel investors and incubators.


Access to the Fvtura Project Management Platform.

Access to Guidelines, Frameworks and Templates built by successful entrepreneurs.

Get 1000 FVTL to spend within the community from the day you get selected.

Access online and offline events.

Workshops and webinars.

Monthly calls with industry experts.

Access to shared knowledge and resources.

Access to shared startup tools

Voting for the global challenge for 2021.

Matchmaking with team members, experts, mentors, advisors, investors.

Time before the Awards Announcement 



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